Guest Lists


There are popular A list or high end boutique club that offers memberships and exclusive perks to their guests and they are in demand for parties and great music. One of these high end boutique clubs is a 300 capacity, 25 tables club that has s cool teddy bear as logo. This club is frequented by celebrities because of the exclusivity and very limited number of guests. The club has tons of toys and teddy bears as decorations with free entrance for girls until 11 in the evening on selected nights. Hip hop and RnB music dominate the floor with excellent disk jockeys delivering and pumping energy to the guests all night long. The interior of this club boasts of luxury with Italian themed lounge, leather wall panels and brass studs.

The ambiance is very intimate because of the very strict music policy and limited number of guests. If you want to avail of a table, it is done through bookings and Drama guestlist. The crowd in the club are very fashionable and the members are chosen by the management so that they have a list of very exclusive members only. Most of the time, the dress code for members and guests is smart casual but for a high end boutique club, smart casual usually exceeds the ordinary definition of the dress code. The management has all the right to refuse someone to enter the premises of the club if they deem that he or she is wearing improper clothing and does not match the dress code of the club.

The exclusive guest list also seeks to limit the age of the guests and they only admit those who are eighteen years old and above with guests having an average age of 25-35 years old. The best thing that the management promises you when you enter the club is a night of fun and excitement. The most fun time to book a table in the club are on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and the best time are between 9pm and 4 am. Check out the Bodos Schloss guestlist.

The management and staff lives up to the luxury of the club and are very professional that ensures all the guests are very well take care of and exits the club as a satisfied customer. There are cocktails that are specifically made for members and the staff are beautiful and impressively clothed. The only advice to members are to book the tables early to avoid having to stand in the dance room holding your drinks. Join the list of members now.If you want to learn more about nightclubs, you can visit


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